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Linggo, Nobyembre 10, 2013

Peace why have you forsaken me?

I would like to go back to my childhood days. So peaceful....so naive and everything was just sooooo colorful. I would always play and would not notice time flies so fast. My mom would get angry and call me up, but that would never erase the fun memories i had back then. If i could just go back to that time where everything feels so fresh..simple..relaxing. I would just stay there for awhile,  while thinking of what would i be when i grow up.

I am fully grown up now. I have reached the part where i used to think i could be a teacher or a doctor or a plain housewife.What happened? what have i done? were all of these happened because of that childhood plans? I wouldn't think so..I am who I am right now because i didn't plan of who i wanted to be. It just happened. God wrote this part of my life. I truly believe that from childhood till now, he has been writing all these stuff about MY LIFE. If i could just help God to write about my future and put a little changes to it but i won't..I'll just let HiM do it for me.

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