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Linggo, Enero 19, 2014

Say something, please.

I came across this beautiful song of Christina Aguilera -Say something and feels like it was just written for me- the exact feeling I've been keeping here in my mind and heart. I know i won't be able to say this to that person but it hit the spot here in my heart. A feeling of being neglected, hurt and mistreated, i guess..but this tired heart is still willing to give a second chance. A chance that he's never asking for but I've already given him from the start. There are no words to express the unstable syndrome of loving and unloving someone who has never seen this way of loving the way i see it. I am saying goodbye to the feeling but not to him. The message won't reach him or it might have reached him but it didn't get through anyway. All i need is a word that would answer all the uncertainties of this feeling i have inside.

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