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Lunes, Pebrero 3, 2014

Why He Will Never Commit

Life is indeed full of questions and fragments of past decisions that created our present and will continue our future. I realized that there are some reasons why the person we love will never ever commit to us. Sad truth but we all know the reasons behind those questions we've been keeping for a long long time, but won't share to anyone. Here are the reasons;

1. He won't commit because he is a COWARD.
2. He is not that into you...maybe. lol
3. He knows that once he commit, he'll lose his FREEDOM.. hahah
4. He is that kind of person who doesn't really want any titles in a so-called RELATIONSHIP ( so probably he'll call you his whatsoever gf or friend..sister..etc)
5.  He said that DISTANCE is a big hindrance to a fulfilling relationship. (but he'll keep the long distance relationship= calling + texting +e-mailng with you )
6.  His priority in life is to fulfill his dreams and have a stable career. ( he'll always be busy but will find time to message or call you just so you know he still exist. )
7. He is a little confused about his sexuality. ( I am not sure about this one, but it might be his one hidden reason too. lol)
8. He treats you as his close friend...only that.
9. He is still looking around and not sure if you are really THE ONE (maybe he wants the two...the three or the four too! hahaha)
10. He thinks too much about the future, how many children he wants to have, the house he'll raise his family and so on..the bad news is that he doesn't think of you in it. (he might want to be  a single parent living in a big house .)
11. He came from a broken family and he never intended to get married because of the fear he might experience it too. ( on a sensitive note..)
12. He is the breadwinner of his family and all his siblings won't just give him away to someone who'll never be deserving for their PERFECT brother ;)
13. His job requires him to be single because he signed a marriage contract to his boss who always ask him to work overtime. ( he said that his just doing his job for your  future together..lol)
14. He knows that one day he'll settle down and marry the girl of his dream...MAYBE.
15. He is too slow to understand your feelings for him and he's getting the wrong signal of it.
16. He had bad relationships in the past and too scared to commit this time. ( around 100? haha )
17. He doesn't know how to spell the word COMMITTMENTT..neither do I.
18. He said that timing is very important and he doesn't really know when.
19. He has already read a lot of blogs about reasons why men won't commit and he is now a BELIEVER. ;(
20. He is so stupid to notice a girl who is willing to do anything for just a word she's longing to hear..and that is a commitment from you.

These are just my list and I hope no one would get hurt (emotionally..).

Seriously speaking,.

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