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Martes, Pebrero 4, 2014

The Art of Letting Go

When is right time you really have to let go?

I've asked myself a thousand times  and yet the answer is still seemed to be undefined. A yes-no question would be easier to answer..I guess, but asking when and followed by the question how is really a tough one for me. I think I am just too scared to be left out or to be alone. Specially when you have already given that person the right to make or break your day. He could pacify your anger easily, help you ease the pain, and comfort you with his kind words. You are already trapped into the life you've created with him, a life full of imaginary characters which he portrays to be your knight and shining armor, and you as the princess trapped in a castle of unbelief. The setting of that story would be in a far away land of  hopeless love in Seattle. You are the director and the writer and the actress of this story you have been filming for several years now and have not come to conclusion yet. You have the right to cut the scenes where you know you would experience the hurt and you just continuously, unconsciously cutting those scenes and lines to deliver a fantasy in your little mind of haven. When will you let go? when will your story end? How do you want it to end?

I am the writer of this story and i know for sure how to put an end to it. I have promised myself to be free from this love spell and have declared to let go in time. and to finally help me in the process of ending the story, I've created a list of things i should or shouldn't do in a daily basis.

1. Think of the bad things about him
2. Write them down or recite them every time you misses him.
3. Avoid having a conversation about him specially when it's about things you like/d about him.
4. Find a new hobby and enjoy it by heart.
5. Learn how to control your emotions and let go of the baggages you've been keeping for a long time.
6. Ask God to help you in forgetting about him and learn to wait for His will.
7. Make peace with your past and don't ever look back.
8. Don't ever wait. wait for messages to come or call or any form of situations that would make you wait for him.
9. Imagine a life without him and enjoy it.
10. Start it now or never.

I hope by reading this post, i would be able to guide myself in the process of letting go. I might not be able to check all the things on the list, but in time I can congratulate myself for believing that everything has its ending and some endings might take time and hard work too...
but at last you can finally say- THE END.

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