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Lunes, Pebrero 17, 2014

Letter to the Greatest Aunt in the World

Almost a week has passed and your memories is still hunting me. I thought,  a week of sadness would cover up all the tears I've cried and the headaches after each moments you left my eyes dry. Until i woke up this morning realizing the lost of my dear aunt...you. I've always wanted to see you in my dreams, talk to you as we did before, and ask you how's heaven. I always pray to God to give  me a glimpse of  you even just in my dreams. Why is this so hard for me to bear? why have I been regretting  a lot of things i could have said or done with you? why have i not given a chance to sit down and talk with you just for  a while before you have your last breath?..I am still mourning and I don't know till when will i close this chapter of  this bereaving moment I am into. I know I've accepted the fact that you are in heaven now and happier than you were here with us, but thinking of the fact that I won't be seeing you in the coming events in my life makes me even sadder than sad...bluer than blue..this is the saddest part I don't know how to get through.

It is really hard to let go of the memories and the love that would be forever here in my heart. I've never imagined a life without you because every time I think about future, it's always been you and nanay and tatay. You would always have an important part in any events I am planning to have and all the endeavors I am about to succeed on. Now it's only nanay and tatay..but you'll always be part of it ate,..I just hope in time i could finally let go of you and move on.

I love you and you'll always have a room here in my heart.



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